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MARVEL Prop Replicas
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Since 2007, eFX has been making the most accurate prop replicas and collectibles for some of the most iconic science fiction, fantasy and action franchises of all time, we are pleased to announce that we are now the official, worldwide prop replica licensee for the film and comic book characters of the MARVEL Universe!

We are at the beginning of our intensive and comprehensive development process, so we have not established the price or schedule yet. Many of these props require very specific and unique manufacturing processes. So we will announce the pre-order date and price as soon as we can.  If you would like to get the latest news and updates about our exciting line MARVEL prop replicas, please e-mail us at: to be added to our mailing list to get exclusive MARVEL updates.  Make sure that you include your first name and the country where you reside.

These prop replicas will be the most accurate replica possible because the ORIGINAL prop makers supplied us with master patterns and/or the molds used to make the actual screen-used props! So thank you to MARVEL Studios for unprecedented access to the original screen used props.

Special thanks to Studio Art and Technology for the Captain America Shield and Thor Hammer, Ironhead for the Captain America Cowl and Thor Helmet and Legacy (formerly Stan Winston Studios) for the Iron Man Mark VII Helmet.

Here are the items we are working on:

Thor's Helmet: This is the helmet that is seen at the very beginning of the Thor movie. Unfortunately it only got a few seconds of screen time, but we are sure you will agree, this is an incredible helmet.

Thor's Mjolnir (AKA Thor's Hammer): This is the version of this iconic prop as seen in the upcoming The Avengers movie. This version differs from the hammer that was seen in the Thor movie.

Captain America Shield: This is the stunt version of this iconic prop. This shield is made in fiberglass, but it has all of the metal and leather details of the straps and the Hero prop. This stunt version was the only prop used in filming since the aluminum hero version was too heavy and was too easily damaged.

Captain America Cowl and Mail: This is the version as seen in the Avengers. It not only includes the cowl, but the fabric mail, as well.

Iron Man Mark VII Helmet: This is the new Iron Man suit, the Mark VII, as seen in The Avengers movie. As with all previous versions of the helmet, the differences are subtle. This helmet includes a gold plated face mask.

Agent Coulson's Vintage Captain America Trading Card Set - These are the cards that Nick Fury used to give the Avengers a "little push" to assemble. In this set you get BOTH the "near vintage" set and the "bloodied" set that Nick Fury claimed were in Agent Coulson's coat pocket. These cards are printed from the original artwork files.

Captain America Posters - These are the posters seen in Captain America - The First Avenger. These posters are printed from the original artwork files.

More exciting information to come!